Fun and educational repurposed crafting experiences for students from early childhood to secondary school settings.

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We bring a variety of entertaining and educational crafting experiences to you.

Educational Focus

These sessions can be tied in with a broad range of topics & subjects such as Sustainability, Environment, Waste Management, STEM, Design & Construct and Social Justice.

Session Introduction

Sessions commence with a short discussion on your chosen topic as listed below, determined by your enquiry unit requirements. You may even choose for us to touch on a combination of topics.

The age and engagement of the group interaction will guide the direction and determine the complexity of the discussion.

Crafting Activity

The discussion is followed up with the children having access to a generous supply of clean and repurposed craft items which we provide, allowing them to be independent, resourceful and creative to produce their very own masterpiece. We provide some examples of creations which have been made completely of repurposed items, to help inspire the children with their own ideas.

Session Conclusion

The crafting component of the session concludes with everyone involved in a group pack up and tidy of the workspace. If there is time, we hold a very brief show and tell by a selected few children. A take home message will also be provided.

Popular Session Themes

The discussion topic can be centred around the context of your learning unit.

Household Waste Sorting

What can & can’t be thrown in your household rubbish and recycling bins.


What actually happens when we throw something 'away' and the repercussions of sending waste to landfill.

Sustainability Rs

How can we reduce the production of waste through practicing the Sustainability Rs, such as Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose.

Booking Enquiries

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Glue sticks, masking tape & sticky tape, scissors and where appropriate, hot glue guns (for adult use only) are also supplied to use for construction.


Prior to our visits, some educators like to have their students plan and draw their ideas as part of the process, which often results in some outstanding creations!

Terms and Conditions
  • Minimum total cost of $240 plus GST per session
  • Educators are to be actively involved in the session
  • Should an induction document be required to be read and signed, we require this to be emailed in advance. Alternatively, please provide advance notice of the time required to read and sign documentation on the incursion day.
  • Space access is required 30 minutes prior to the session start time for setting up
  • Strict 7 day payment term applies.
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